Key Fraternity Recruitment Responsibilities

It seems obvious that fraternity recruitment is not a one man job, yet many of us at one time have sat in the background as the recruitment chairman runs like a chicken with its head cut off. The following outline defines the key responsibilities of the recruitment chairman, and the responsibilities of the chapter as a whole.

Chairman: Booking Events

An effective recruitment chairman organizes some key events far in advance. Rooms, gyms, and halls get reserved by different clubs and organizations far in advance, so it is imperative that the recruitment chairman reserves far in advance to ensure a successful semester.

Chapter: Be Vocal About Wanted Events

Too often the recruitment period comes to an end and someone undoubtedly says “why didn’t we do…” It is each chapter members responsibility to let the recruitment chairman know before or during recruitment if there is an event they would like to plan.

Chairman: Keep Cost Low/Apply For Funding Early
Recruitment can be done for little to no cost. The most effective programs usually require no spending at all. However, there are times where spending is justified. It is the responsibility of the recruitment chairman to effectively spend any budget given to them, as well as applying for campus funding when applicable.

Chapter: Don’t Devour The Resources

It has been my personal experience that when food is bought on the chapter’s dime, the brothers eat the food before potential new members arrive at the events. It is critical that brothers understand that resources bought for recruitment events, such as food, are there for prospective new members first and foremost.

Chairman: Propose A Vote On A Schedule

Recruitment goes beyond a schedule, it should be incorporated into everyday life. However, it is important that the recruitment chairman proposes a schedule with set planned events for an official chapter vote. This ensures that there are planned organized efforts for chapter members to show up to.

Chapter: Show Up In Force

Once something is voted on in a chapter meeting it should go without saying that the chapter should follow through with a passed proposal. If the recruitment schedule is approved then the chapter must show up in force at the events and be involved in the recruitment process.

Chairman: Maintain Social Media And Names List

At every recruitment event there must be a names list for potential new members to fill out. Many campuses require this for grade release information. This list should be used to invite prospective new members to upcoming events as well as keep track of who is attending multiple events. If your chapter has a facebook page, twitter account, website, blog, or any online social media it is important that the recruitment chairman keeps them updated with current events planned by the chapter regarding recruitment.

Chapter: Socialize And Invite Personally

It is the recruitment chair’s responsibility to maintain the list of prospective new members, however it is the chapters responsibility as a whole to personally invite people to the events and socialize with them. All too often a group of brothers will huddle in a corner and not socialize, this is unacceptable. For dynamic recruitment to take place more than just the recruitment committee needs to be involved in recruitment.

Chairman: Be The Ideal Brother

The recruitment chairman must be the ideal brother. This means that he has is able to balance his schoolwork, is active on campus, sociable, and lives the ideals expressed in your fraternities ritual.

Chapter: Don’t Contradict Your Values

Every brother should be ideal. However it is important for the general chapter membership to not contradict the values your chapter has set forth. For example, if your chapter has a minimum GPA requirement of a 2.75, a brother voting on bids should not have a 2.0 GPA.

Chairman: Answer The Tough Questions

It is important for the recruitment chairman to be able to answer any question a prospective new member asks. As the recruitment chairman you are the go to person for each brother and prospective new member. Be ready for anything.

Chapter: Be Able To Direct Questions

Not everyone is expected to be able to answer the toughest of questions. However, each brother should be able to direct questions to the appropriate party. For example, if someone asks about dues and if your chapter offers payment plans; know to direct the individual to your Treasurer to go over the details if you cannot answer them yourself.

Chairman: Know Everyone By Name

A persons name is the most important word in their vocabulary. By knowing someone by name you are on the fast track to winning their trust, appreciation, and friendship. As the recruitment chairman you must become a master at learning peoples names.