Study Groups Help Fraternities Recruit

One of the most effective ways to recruit is to incorporate it into your everyday life. As one of my close friends told me my first semester as a brother “recruitment never stops.” I can remember one of my first days of classes I was sitting next to someone I had never met before, they saw that I was taking the class seriously, at the end of class they asked me if I’d like to join their study group and I said sure.

Little did I know, I was being recruited, two brothers of the chapter I ended up joining were in the study group. Long story short, these people had a huge impact on my decision to join Greek life. I have found that this can be one of the most efficient and easiest ways to recruit educationally focused people into your fraternity – it worked on me!

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Find the right people: During your class it is easy to tell from day one who is taking the class seriously, and who is there just to get by. We all know the type, 5 subject notebook for one class, sits near the front, answers the questions, and asks questions when they are unsure. A person who is this organized can be a valuable addition to your chapter. There are guaranteed to be multiple people like yourself taking class seriously, look out for these people.

Make the connection: Once you have identified the people you would like to form a study group with break the ice and make a connection. Simply tell them “Hey me and a couple other people were getting together to study, would you be interested in joining our group?” Being upfront and to the point will get most people to join your simple cause – to study.

Slowly introduce your chapter: As you get to know the people in your group, you naturally become friends. Be social and invite them to hang out, come to events, meet for lunch, everything you would normally do while recruiting someone. Some may say this is hard work, but if you are going to be studying, and going to be making friends, you might as well recruit your friends you’ve just made and are spending time with!

Point out the positives about your fraternity. If you use a mobile fraternity app like OurHouse for Greek chapter management, mention it. A fraternity or sorority app that includes weekly meal menu with late plate requests, a complete calendar layout with custom events and attendance system and has simple and secure personal and group messaging gives your fraternity the edge over others.

Sometimes it is forced!: Even better than having to make a group is when teachers force them upon us. Many times the first day of class teachers will force us into groups and essentially tell us “get used to working with the people around you now, you will be all semester.” This may be considered annoying at the time, but I have made many close friends and brothers through these forced groups. It is amazing what can be done by simply studying together. More on fraternity life here at this USA Today page.

No matter how you decide to pass a class, studying will always be needed for each student. That right there is something that makes this process easy to do. There is nothing difficult about this process, simply study with others and slowly introduce them to your chapter. A little bit a studying can lead to many more people wearing your fraternity letters.